Blockchain Week in New York City brought out a myriad of companies, people, products, swag, and general party-goers.  The week started off with big news items almost immediately, along with some publicity-seeking promotions by variousRead More →

Volume is picking up again; market caps are expanding once more.  And now, the regulatory climate worldwide can be faced with greater certainty. How large will the crypto market become?  In my last blog, IRead More →

One example that I’ve heard – from Ripple and from third parties – is the example of a cargo container. Prior to the creation and standardization of the cargo container and cargo ship, global commerceRead More →

The new crypto market has attracted a large number of new investors. These new investors may not always know about the basic security precautions that are wise to take to avoid hacking.  In traditional modesRead More →

The recent XRP rally has been enjoyable to watch; it’s the rally we all knew should happen, but none of us knew exactly when the market would see fit to correct XRP’s fire sale pricesRead More →