Board puzzles are surprisingly fun – even for those of us that tend to gravitate towards more cerebral entertainment.  There’s something cathartic about seeing an entire picture created from various individual parts. Whatever the caseRead More →

The use of the term ‘tipping point’ is used to designate when momentum behind a new idea’s adoption becomes unstoppable. Has xRapid, Ripple’s solution for sourcing liquidity with the cryptocurrency XRP, reached that point?  BradRead More →

Blockchain Week in New York City brought out a myriad of companies, people, products, swag, and general party-goers.  The week started off with big news items almost immediately, along with some publicity-seeking promotions by variousRead More →

Volume is picking up again; market caps are expanding once more.  And now, the regulatory climate worldwide can be faced with greater certainty. How large will the crypto market become?  In my last blog, IRead More →